TabletKiosk UMPC pricing revealed

Ok, here we go folks, a UMPC with an announced price, ready to order. First from the gates is the TabletKiosk V-700 or rather, "eo" UMPC v7110. Now, forget what you heard about these pups dropping for around $500 to help position them between the handheld and laptop market, mkay? This UMPC sportin' a VIA C7 NaNo 1.0GHz processor, XP Tablet PC edition, 30GB disk, 7-inch 800 x 480 TFT touch LCD, 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, and 256MB RAM will hit the last week of April for, get this, $900 freakin' dollars! Now consider for comparison, that you can get a Dell XPS M140 laptop which also won't fit in your pocket but has twice the screen size, double the processing power, double the RAM, and double the disk for $50 bucks less and we just gotta wonder... why TabletKiosk, why? Sure, prices will go down with time, but that's not exactly the most auspicious start.

[Via GottaBeMobile]