Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 reviewed

The big company's little camera division that could has been doing it over and over for years now, and CNET Asia caught a preview of their new DMC-TZ1, the smallest 10x optical digital camera around. They seemed to find the 5 megapixel shooter's OIS and pixel binned 1600 ISO to be decent (despite the expected exaggerated noise at higher ISOs, of course), and its travel functions useful -- though its unique folded optics design seemed to impair zoom-in time, and the TZ1's removable lens cap raised an eyebrow or two. CNET still seemed to find it "very good," though, so being that it's a straight up point and shoot, if you're cool going without manual camera functions this thing might just be in your future.

[Via DP Blog]