Cingular and Radio Shack get Moto SLVR L6

If you dig the shape and style of the SLVR L7 but don't want to hand over $200 just for the dubious privilege of being able to store 100 songs on it via iTunes, you may want to head over to Radio Shack, which currently has an exclusive on the $50 (with Cingular service plan) SLVR L6. The cheaper phone has the same form factor as its iTunes-enhanced sibling (though it's clad in SLVR, er, silver, instead of black), and has most of L7's other features, including Bluetooth connectivity, EDGE, and a VGA camera. At $50, if you really can't bear to be without 100 iTunes-based songs, you can always use the $150 you've saved to pick up a refurbed 512MB shuffle and 100 songs on iTMS, and come out even.

Update: Thanks to several commenters who point out that the phone's actual features don't match those claimed on Radio Shack's promo site. So, if you're looking for EDGE, a music player or several of the other claimed features, look elsewhere. If you're looking for something that approximates the appearance of the original SLVR for a quarter of the price, go for it! (And while you're at it, let Radio Shack know that you're not too happy about them playing fast and loose with the specs.)