Microsoft goes "HD" with Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000

Microsoft has upgraded its Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse with "High Definition Optical Technology" tracking technology, which the company boasts puts its mice "two generations ahead" of other pointing devices. According to Microsoft, the Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse works at 1,000 dpi, captures 6,000 frames per second, uses a low-powered chip to conserve battery power, and offers smoother tracking on any surface. Not bad for a $30 mouse that doesn't even use a laser. A desktop version, the Wireless Optical Mouse 2000 will also be available for $30, while the Laser Mouse 5000 will be priced at $50. As for Microsoft's appropriation of the term "High Definition," we'll have to cut them a break, given that Logitech and other rodent-makers also use the term for their high-DPI pointers.