PlayStation VP sez PS3 will cost between 499 and 599 euro

Don't worry, that faint screaming sound you hear in the distance is just the sound of a million Sony fanboys. Looks like those rumors of steepPS3 pricing weren't so far off after all, since in a radio interview yesterday with Générations Europe, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe VP George Fornay mentioned that the PS3 will cost between €499 and €599, which is around $613 and $736 USD. He excused the price with the fact that it's a real steal for a Blu-ray playback system, but we're not so assured. Of course, Europe always gets a little screwed when it comes to console pricing, with the premium Xbox 360 going for €399 there while it rings up at a mere $399 here. If that logic holds, we might see the PS3 for $499 in the states, which happens to match up with the current buzz going around the developer community. It's always possible that Sony is just throwing out wild and crazy numbers to make us all surprised when the console hits for the regular $300 Sony price point, but it's looking less and less likely.

[Via Joystiq]

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