The STARRAY ferrets out IEDs

It's really not so hot to look at, but HiEnergy Technologies, Inc.'s new STARRAY IED (improvised explosive device, i.e. bomb) detection system could hit the mark for the military and bomb-squads the nation over. The STARRAY, which apparently underwent extensive military testing with live ordnance late last year, is capable of detecting explosives between 40 seconds and 5 minutes (depending on quantity and distance) all the while handling harsh terrain, crossing ditches, or climbing stairs. We don't think the STARRAY is autonomous (though we wish it were) since they mention it being a system mounted on a Northrop Grumman Andros Mark V rover. So how much does the bot with HiEnergy Atometer cost? $450,000, that's how much. If only they had one in Ravenna, Ohio.

[Via Robot Gossip]