Sony's RDZ-D97A, RDZ-77A, and RDZ-87 HDD/DVD recorders record directly to PSP

Sony just announced three new HDD/DVD recorder additions to their RDZ series. The new RDZ-D97A (pictured) and 77A bring 400GB and 250GB of storage respectively, to the show with one digital Hi-Vision (1080i HDTV in Japan) tuner and apparently two-analog tuners allowing you to record not one, not two, but three teeveelicious broadcasts simultaneously. They also feature the ability to record directly to your PSP to take your recordings on the go. And in what appears to be an industry first for HDD / DVD recorders, these two also feature DTCP-IP (Digital Transmission Content Protection over IP) to legally stream Hi-Vision recordings to other designated, media kickin' boxes on your home network. Rounding out the lot is the RDZ-87 which packs in a 500GB disk like the D97A but lacks direct PSP recording and DTCP-IP support. Expect these to drop for an as of yet unannounced price on May 19 in Japan.

[Via Akihabara News]