Apple legal sends little girl running, crying to room

So as the story goes, eight year old Shea was learning to write letters in her third grade class; Shea also happened to be really into her iPod nano. So she decided to hit up Stevie J. with a list of her ideas on how to improve the nano -- you know, standard stuff like "slip a little chip" in there to add support for lyrics, movies, etc. (what, don't you want to officially play Doom, too, or at least Pac-Man?). After three months Shea received a reply from Cupertino... signed by Apple's Senior Counsel, Mark Aaker, who put the little girl in her place by stating "please do not send" suggestions, and letting her know Apple doesn't accept unsolicited ideas. Said Shea, who went running to her room, "It was kind of like they were saying, 'Oh, we don't want your idea -- it's not good or anything.'" (Hey, don't feel bad, whenever we write about improving Apple's products we tend to get harshed on too.) While the story didn't exactly end happily, at least Aaker called the little girl to personally apologize, but not before holding a meeting to change policies regarding responses to letters from children. And just for that, all of our staff's children will be swarming Apple with letters on such varied topics from Apple's potentially increased market share with Boot Camp, to the mysterious video iPod -- replete with backwards Es and Ss.

[Via Cult of Mac]