Samsung Q1 UMPC befuddles top execs during demo

In what must have been a liveblogger's dream press conference at Seoul's Grand InterContinental hotel earlier this week, not one, not two, but all three of the hardware and software executives using Samsung's Q1 UMPC for their presentations managed to experience technical difficulties with the device. The execs -- Samsung VP Kim Hun-soo, Microsoft Korea president Yoo Jae-sung, and Intel Korea prez Lee Hee-sung -- were gathered for what is being described as a "Steve Jobs-like" product demonstration gone horribly awry, with support staff forced to uncomfortably ascend the stage several times to help out their equally-uncomfortable bosses. Among the various mishaps were a battery that went dead after only a few minutes, an apparent inability to call up the on-screen keyboard for advancing a PowerPoint presentation, and another presentation that went into rapid slideshow mode on its own. While having one device fail in a demo happens all the time, seeing multiple units go down and/or befuddle the very people who make these things causes us to stop and rethink our commitment to the UMPC lifestyle that looked so fun and carefree in the teaser campaign.

[Thanks, Guillermo]