Pentax Optio A10 8 megapixel shooter reviewed

Digital Camera Review is doing what doing what they do, and have a review up of Pentax's headline Optio, the 8 megapixel A10. Including a 3x optical zoom, 2.5-inch LCD, and optical image stabilisation, the camera looks to be a decent deal for it's roughly $300-350 asking price, but the low battery life and sub-par default settings might be a turn-off for some. The back of the camera is rather dominated by a 2.5-inch screen, leaving out an optical viewfinder, but probably not much the worse off, thanks to the sharp and accurate LCD. The camera is fairly small, but manages to have decent ergonomics, and easy customization makes it even nicer to use. Unfortunately, you might be using those menus a bit more than hoped, since the default image settings were oversaturated and underexposed. Otherwise the image quality was fairly good, with standard light response and uniform sharpness. Shake reduction worked well, which is a big plus, and while the rechargeable battery wasn't quite up to snuff, you might have a bit of cash left over for a second one at this price.