Complete runthrough: Dragon's Lair

Remember Dragon's Lair? The game -- released on laserdisc in 1983 -- was notable for the quality of the on-screen visuals. Instead of blocky pixels, Dragon's Lair featured lushly drawn environments that blew away every other arcade title of the era.

Just one little problem: the game's technology resulted in an inferior play experience. On-screen action felt divorced from the game's controls, in part because the game needed to hunt for the right animations on a laserdisc at every junction.

The result: a game that looked like a Ferrari, raced like a Yugo, and gobbled quarters like no other. It was awful, despite the glowing fluff that appears in the Wiki entry about it.

That's why we're pleased to link to this video featuring a complete walkthrough of the game. After all of these years, it's wonderful to finally get some closure.

[Thanks, Ryuukuro]