Apple said to be planning 17-in MacBook Pro for NAB launch

If you've been hankering for one of Apple's $2,500, 17-inch G4 PowerBooks, you may just want to put your wallet away for a little while. According to AppleInsider, the company is due to roll out a 17-inch version of the Core Duo-powered MacBook Pro at the National Association of Broadcasters conference next week. According to the report, the 17-inch MBP would include a faster processor than the 2.16GHz version currently available in the 15-incher's top configuration. That could put pricing for the model well above $3,000, given the $2,800 price for the 2.16GHz version -- which may explain why Apple's choosing to show it off for TV pros, who may be willing to splurge for a high-end box, especially if they can run an Intel-native version of Apple's Final Cut Studio on it for a mere $1,300 more. Hmm, maybe that G4 isn't such a bad deal after all.

[Thanks, Adam]