Miller to introduce self-cooling beer cans next year

Evan Blass
E. Blass|04.20.06

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Miller to introduce self-cooling beer cans next year
We're always keen on technology that improves our beer consumption experience, whether it be coasters and pitchers that signal for help when you need a refill, or mugs that let you share a drink with distant friends. Obviously, then, we were understandably excited to learn that Miller will be the first domestic brewer to utilize Tempra's self-cooling cans for dropping your drink's temperature a minimum of 30º F on command. Self-cooling, and self-heating, technology have been around for awhile, but save for the homemade Peltier Beer personal beverage cooler, this is the first method we've seen to cool down your suds long after the ice in your cooler has melted. Tempra's I.C. Can works by drawing heat out of the beverage with a natural desiccant (drying agent), through a water gel coated evaporator, and into an insulated heat-sink container, once an internal vacuum-seal has been broken. Miller's self-cooled offerings should begin showing up in finer distributors nationwide starting sometime next year, and as you can probably imagine, a sixer of these high-tech brews isn't going to come cheap.
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