SEEMesh and WiMA come together on 802.11s mesh networking

In a move all but totally shocking to these jaded writers, two wireless standard groups, SEEMesh (backed by Intel, Nokia, Motorola, NTT DoCoMo and TI) and the Wi-Mesh Alliance (backed by Nortel, Philips, and Thomson, among others) have actually come together in peace and love to combine their proposals for the IEEE 802.11s mesh networking standard into one single draft. Now, we all know how wack tech forums can delay standards ratifications -- or sometimes circumvent the process from occurring entirely -- which is why it's so nice that these guys took 802.11n's lead, kissed, made up, and came together to put the technology before the royalties. Oh, so what exactly is the 802.11s mesh networking standard do, you ask? It's a few things to a lot of companies, but it'll first be a boon to metropolitan WiFi networks, so base-stations will have a standard method of communications both to nodes (802.11a/b/g) and to each other (802.11s) when moving around data. Of course, that doesn't help cities that have already rolled out WiFi, but pre-S gear getting sold to cities rolling out in the near future could probably be expected to cut costs and increase speed to nodes.