Maker Faire (Part 2)

We've got more odd creations and far out gadgets from our leisurely Saturday and Sunday at the Maker Faire. If you liked round one, check out round two to see more from the Faire and find out about this robot made from scrounged and garage sale parts. See you next year, Maker Faire!

Do not look at the man behind the curtain. Marque Cornblatt is at the controls of Sparky 1.0, the bot pictured above. Sparky 1.0 is a 'roving self portrait' , another in a series of art projects by Marque.

Graffiti Research Lab brought their portable lab (AKA matte black school bus). They used conductive paint to create traces to power LEDs mounted in strategic locations. Pictured is one of their programmable controllers for cycling the LEDs.

Lee Krasnow showed off his sweet modified table saw he uses to create precision wood puzzles and boxes.

If you find the rising cost of gas alarming, you might consider modding a diesel van to run on vegetable oil like Brandon Woll. His van features his own custom made oil pre-heater dubbed the "hot potato veg oil heater."

Now you don't have to wait for your pictures to come back to see those red eyes. The light from the LEDs in the goggles built by Rebecca Hinden reflects in others eyes making all your friends look posessed.

The rear end of Damien Stolarz's MP3car Toyota has just a few aftermarket bits. We couldn't pry people out of the inside to grab photos of the passenger area.

Mark VandeWettering built his own enigma machine out of his old Atar 2600. He even put vintage graphics on his ENIGMA MACHINE cartridge.

This uh, slightly overbilt reading lamp was covered by hack-a-day recently. It's touchpad controlled, network enabled and could probably jack up your car in a pinch.

This weather baloon rises up and down via text message commands. The message triggers a garage door opener that uses a bicycle wheel to act as a crude winch to let out and reel in the line.

Zigbee is hopefullly the future replacement for the elderly x10. Zigbee has potential, but the dollhouse needs some work.

Forget to water your plants? How about one that just requires battery changes every so often. Philip Ross built some enclosed hydroponic systems.

Another one of the toys that Segway brought was their Centaur prototype.

The Bay Area Segway Enthusiasts Group showed up and played a few rounds of whack the ball at the crowd. Segway polo. Yeah, that's Steve "The Enforcer" Wozniak weilding his polo mallet.