Warner to release first hybrid HD-DVD May 9th

Evan Blass
E. Blass|04.26.06

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Warner to release first hybrid HD-DVD May 9th
Those early adopters who've already picked up a Toshiba HD-A1 but don't want to buy duplicate copies of each movie for use on their current car and portable DVD players have gotten a reprieve from Warner Home Video, who just announced that the first hybrid HD-DVD/standard DVD will be available on May 9th. However, folks looking for a Matrix-like title to put their new toy through its paces will probably be disappointed with Warner's choice: the critically-panned 2005 Kevin Costner/Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy "Rumor Has It." Plus, don't think that the 480p content on the flip side of the disc is just a bonus, as these hybrid offerings are debuting for eleven dollars more than their single-copy counterparts. Still, if these discs enable you to create a backup of the flicks you buy on HD-DVD, even at non-HD resolutions, the extra dough might be worth it in order to get maximum utility from your purchased content.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]
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