Thought-based biometrics system underway?

Seems kind of old school if your brain interface doesn't provide extra-sensoryenhancement or integration to robotic limbs, but researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada are working on a system for thought-based biometrics by scanning and interpreting each individual's unique brain-wave signatures that occur when they think of a certain thought or can identify patterns uniquely -- kind of like that Peter Pan pixie dust thing, except in this case you get granted access to your box. For a variety of reasons the system isn't without its doubts and detractors, and will probably continue to have them so long as you have to wear an EEG cap on your scalp to get a reading -- though according to UCLA professor and BCI expert Jacques Vidal, rocking that headgear's the least of this system's problems. But if you expect us to shrug off any system that lets us interface with our gear via mind-link, you're sorely mistaken. So keep at it Carleton U, let's see some thought scanners.