Wii know, wii feel the same way

Now that wii've (sorry, wii'll stop) had a few hours to let it all sink in, Nintendo's new "Wii" moniker for their next gen console still isn't ringing true. Sure, we get that whole community-ish thing they're going for, and we're happy for our friend, the letter "i," which has had quite a few successes in the consumer electronics industry, including a slew of popular Apple products and a double role in Intel's Viiv platform, but we're just not feeling "Wii." Turns out we're not the only ones, and between the comments on our Wii post earlier, Joystiq's informal poll, and the insightful commentary of our editorial staff...

Ryan: "Eh, I thought the iPod was a pretty stupid name too. We'll just have to wait and see."
Evan: "Just let me know when I can emulate the console on my phone."
Marc: "Why?"
Paul: "What do you want? Leave me alone! Can't you see I'm talking to Zelda right now?"
Ross: "Sometimes, even hardcore gamers need to stop and take a Wii."'s not looking like a home run for Nintendo marketing. Of course, the DS didn't get a lot of love at first, and in that case Nintendo clearly demonstrated that it's all about what you do with it. But with proponents of the console already facing an uphill battle in evangelizing the strange control scheme, Nintendo sure isn't helping out much.

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