JoyTech's LCD makes your Xbox 360 portable -- or something

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Paul Miller
April 29th, 2006
JoyTech's LCD makes your Xbox 360 portable -- or something
Yeah, we've seen plenty of LCDs haphazardly attached to about every recent console out there in hopes of creating a portable system of sorts, but we're not sure they've ever looked quite as ridiculous as this 9.2-incher from JoyTech. Sure, 9.2-inches is a decent bit of display as far as these setups go, and the 800 x 480 widescreen resolution is welcome, but with as hot as the 360 gets already, we don't think it'll take very kindly to having its side vents sealed off by a hunk of plastic. We also can't imagine this thing riding on your lap while you game in the backseat of your next roadtrip, but it doesn't look like even JoyTech would presume that, and instead probably hope to squeeze this into a few tight dorm rooms that would otherwise resign to being entries in Xbox 360 Fanboy's most pathetic 360 setup contest.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]
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