Komamura's two-headed Horseman 3D camera

Ryan Block
R. Block|04.29.06

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Komamura's two-headed Horseman 3D camera
Yeah, you could read Engadget's extensive guide on how to shoot and make your own anaglyph 3-D images, or you can snag a Komamura Horseman 3D with stereo lenses, which was apparently quietly spotted at PMA last month. It's apparently due get the whole real-world-release treatment this summer, so even though we rarely, if ever, do analogs -- and believe you us, we do wish it was digital because really, we can't actually even imagine buying ourselves an analog at this point -- we know there are some out there who'd be stoked to have one. And the rest of us, will just have to wait for a digital mod or back. And an importer.

[Via The Online Photographer and Gear Live]
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