Das Keyboard II with blank keys reviewed

Those of us who type for a living are perhaps more attuned to keyboard minutiae than the average computer user, so any 'board that promises to improve our WPM without resorting to a frustrating realignment of the keys naturally piques our interest. The Das Keyboard II includes several "enhancements" that may or may not improve your typing speed by up to 100%, most noticeably the keys themselves, which, while arranged in the traditional QWERTY-configuration, are completely blank. Supposedly the lack of even a single symbol keeps the user from "cheating" and looking down at his/her hands, but Extreme Tech instead found themselves habitually mistyping and wasting time referring to character maps. Ultimately, since the letter-less keyboard only improved the seasoned typists' speed by about 10%, it's the other features of the Das II that may entice consumers, including high-end,"clicky" keys rated to 50 million keystrokes which are differently-weighted to compensate for variable finger strength. Overall, ET gives the blank 'board a seven out of ten, harshing on the rather steep learning curve, but suggesting that first-time typists might benefit from practicing without the traditional "crutch" of illustrated keys.