Neuros Recorder 2 incompatible with PSP 2.7 firmware

Bad news for PSP owners: Macworld is reporting that the recent 2.7 firmware update makes it impossible for the handheld console to play content captured by the Neuros 2 Recorder. Even worse, files that you had previously recording using your Memory Stick-equipped Neuros will no longer work once you upgrade to 2.7. For now, Neuros is taking a three-pronged approach to the problem: they're working on a firmware update of their own for the Recorder 2, attempting to convince Sony to adjust their code in future upgrades, and, least helpfully, recommending that their customers avoid making the move to 2.7. Also, the company claims to be working on a solution that, at the very least, will allow those folks who insist on upgrading to convert their old recordings into a 2.7-friendly format.