Ageia PhysX processor review roundup

There's been plenty of hubbub surrounding the release of Ageia's dedicated PhysX "PPU" board, with Epic Games pledging extensive "Unreal Tournament 2007" support and around 20 titles in the works. Unfortunately, the launch support is pretty weak, and since the whole point of the tech is the gaming joy that it enables, there doesn't seem much point to get a card at this point. Just "Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter" is available with PhysX at launch, and the effects that are turned on in the game with the PhysX card enabled are not only not fully realized, but cause a decent hit to frame rates. Games built from the ground up to use the PhysX card, such as the forthcoming "Cell Factor" which claims to be the the first title to require the card, look quite good and frankly do things with physics that just aren't possible with the traditional CPU / GPU combo. With that said, major titles built in such a way around the PhysX hardware will be few and far between for a while, giving few reasons to spring for the $300 card until the kinks are worked out and the special effects it enables are more than tacked on -- if flashy -- extras. Anywho, for the curious here are a few reviews we found, anyone else got one? Leave it in comments and we'll tack it on.

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