Apple to show off "new iBook" this Wednesday

While we have yet to receive any kind of official confirmation that Apple will be rolling out the MacBook this week, another piece of the puzzle just fell into place. According to this announcement on Apple's web site, the company will be holding a free seminar in New York this Wednesday to show off the "new iBook," which is touted as a "go-anywhere digital solution" and "the most affordable iBook ever." So, is Apple going to stick with the iBook moniker, or is this just a head fake, to be replaced by MacBook by Wednesday? Regardless, it certainly looks like the company will be unveiling a new consumer laptop no later than Wednesday, and will invite the public to check it out.

Update: Thanks to everyone who pointed out that this is a previously scheduled event and that someone at Apple is apparently recycling year-old text that refers to the current iBook line (which is hardly "new"). Of course, if Apple really does go ahead and announce the MacBook tomorrow, as previously rumored, we really do have to wonder what they're going to show off at CompUSA on Wednesday.

[Thanks, Jakob]