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Samsung unveils "world's thinnest" 6.9mm phone

Always one for a decent "world's ____" tag line for their product releases, Samsung is naming their new SGH-X820 Ultra Slim Phone the "world's thinnest" at a mere 6.9mm (0.27-inches) thick, the same thickness as the iPod nano. Not content to be merely skinny, the candybar phone also features a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 playback, Bluetooth connectivity and TV out. There is a minor hump near the top of the phone off the back that might sully your results when using this thing to pick door locks, but otherwise it's hard to imagine how it can get much thinner than this and still have a claim to 3D space. The phone should be out in Europe and Russia this week, with China to follow in June, no word on price.