Sony Playstation 3 launch details

Just in case you didn't manage to catch Sony's E3 presentation, or can't handle scrolling through our liveblog of the event (though we can't imagine why that would be the case), here's what you need to know about the PS3 launch, straight from the conference floor: "Today we're pleased to announce the global PS3 launch details. We will make PS3 available via a two-configuration plan. One with a 60GB HD. And the other with a 20GB hard drive. Japan's date: Nov. 11. In Japan 59,800 Yen. The 60GB PS3 will have an open price which retailers will set. In North America [to launch Nov 17]: 20GB for $499, 60GB for $599. Europe has 20GB for 499 Euro, 60GB for 599 Euro. 2 million to ship worldwide during the launch window. 4 million by end of calendar year 2006. By March 31, 2007 they'll have shipped 6 million worldwide." Any questions? Then start scrolling through the liveblog. You know you want to.