Nintendo Wii to sell for $250?

Almost lost among the hubbub of Sony's keynote extravagance was a little forum-derived rumor about Nintendo's Wii. It claims to be based on an issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly with Zelda on the cover and a whole lot of Nintendo gems inside, including a purported $250 launch price. The tipster hasn't shown any scans of the magazine's actual content, but he did manage to get a picture of the magazine's cover up on the forum after work, so our legit-ness meter is looking pretty good. Along with the console price, and screenshots of Monkey Ball, Tony Hawk, Rayman and Red Steel, he mentions the Virtual Console gaming, Wii-remote tech, and some vaguely defined "ALWAYS online" functionality (the console is always hooked to the Internets, even when off). There's also a supposed built-in speaker in the controller (a DS-like mic seems more likely to us, but that's what he says). As we said, the rumor looks fairly solid, though we don't have long to find out, since Nintendo's keynote is kicking off early tomorrow. And being that we really don't have anything better to do, we'll be sure to liveblog it to pieces.

[Via Joystiq]