Nintendo's E3 booth tour

After swearing to the Nintendo booth staff that yes we bow at the feet of Miyamoto, no we've never touched a Sony device before in our lives, and yes we'd like to skip the mile long line to see the Wii, we managed to find ourselves in Nintendo's special little (or not so little) Wii paradise. There were playables galore, though that "27 playable titles" they mentioned at the keynote was a bit misleading. Sure, you could grab a Wiimote and start making a fool of yourself in any one of 27 different ways, but most of the playable stuff was actually just a tech demo or a mini game. Luckily, the big names like Zelda, Mario and Red Steel were there in force, and the good times were aplenty even with the tech demos. We'll have our impressions of the Wiimote pretty soon, but for now we've got a whole slew of pics from the booth, so take a look.

The Wiimote

It looks good, it feels good, but how does it play? In truth, we can't say we were blown away. Sorry to tease, we'll have our full impressions up soon, but for now feel free to ogle.

The Hardware

Virtual Console

The Vritual Console screens were supposedly just mockups, and may not necessarly represent the Wii interface, or the Virtual Console interface -- so don't be surprised if these change shape.

The Games


Red Dawn Steel!

Fishing in Twilight Princess.

The Booth

The Mari-freaking-oh

More to come!