Sony goes viral with Vaio... "tomorrow"

Looks like Sony's trying to get all viral on us -- or maybe they're really launching a new Vaio or two "tomorrow," or maybe maybe the site is referencing yesterday's new Vaio SZ updates, but they forgot to take it down. Either way if you point your browser to their "Vaio new" site, some cryptic imagery blows through and asks "New from Sony Vaio / Can it surf in Alaska?" Perhaps their Vaio laptop group are just testing the waters for viral marketing, or perhaps they posted this page a little early (or we're all a little late, and they never took it down), but yesterday and today it reads "come back tomorrow for more," and nothing's yet changed in the flash file titled vaio_summer.swf. Yeah, so what if we're curious. We love Sony laptops, so sue us.

[Thanks, William]

Update: They're changing it alright -- now it asks if you're camera shy. Stay tuned, we're in for another curiosity-piquing campaign that'll probably yield, well, a laptop of one kind or another.