The Wheel turns your bike into a moped

Bicycles have always been a great way to get around, but the whole pedaling thing really takes away a lot of the appeal for some people -- we're sure countless dusty bikes with flat tires are hanging in garages nationwide. Well a company called RevoPower wants to put that huge fleet of two-wheeled vehicles back on the road with an innovative new product that easily converts most mountain or hybrid bikes into 20MPH mopeds. The Wheel, as it's known, manages to pack a gasoline- and oil-powered 23cc, two-stroke internal combustion engine into the space between a standard wheel's spokes, giving it a clear advantage over other modification kits which require tinkering with the existing drivetrain. Once the old wheel has been swapped out for the new Wheel, all you need to do is attach the throttle control to your handlebars and slide the fuel container into your water bottle cage (hope you don't get thirsty on your ride), and you're ready to hit the streets at an environmentally-friendly 200+ MPG. A video of The Wheel (and some overly-eager focus group members), which is due out next year for $400, is available by clicking here.

[Via Popular Science and high t3ch]