Mac "G6" now available for $499

Want an Intel-based Mac but don't want to pay Apple's prices? A company called Red PCs may have what you're looking for -- if you're willing to face the wrath of Apple's lawyers. Red PC is now offering something they're calling a "PowerPC G6 Macintosh" for $499. According to the specs, the box is basically a generic Pentium-based PC running a hacked version of the Intel version of Mac OS X. For your $499, the company is also throwing in copies of Photoshop CS2 and Microsoft Office 2004, making this quite the deal, given that Photoshop alone can go for over $400. But, then, we assume you're prepared to deal with Adobe and Microsoft's lawyers as well if you're ready to buy this. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be), the Red PCs web site seems to be down, though the machine is still listed on the site as available for purchase with free global shipping and a one-year warranty.

[Via OSX86]