Thomas Pink's iPod-concealing Commuter Shirt

The designers at Thomas Pink must get their iPods jacked on a regular basis, because they've followed up on their nano-concealing tie with the "Commuter Shirt" that hides your DAP, cellphone, or PDA under even more clothing, and includes a second secret spot under one cuff for storing your credit cards. We're assuming that the demand for this shirt stems from the fact that today's mugger regularly reads Engadget, and is easily able to identify and snatch that signature pink tie right off the necks of unsuspecting businessmen. The less-flashy blue or white "Commuter Shirt" should help alleviate this problem somewhat by tucking that 'Pod into an inner pocket by the wearer's stomach, with built-in channeling to ensure snag-free movement. Now, if they can only figure out a way to hide that crease and lump in your shirt which muggers will soon be looking for on everyone not wearing a pink tie.

[Via GigaOm and TUAW]