Supposed MacBook ad accidentally posted to Apple site

See that pic up there? Word around the Internet is that it shows an ad for the upcoming MacBook laptop that Apple "accidentally" posted to its website before quickly taking it down. Nothing in this supposed screencap -- which shows a starting price of only $999 and black or white case options -- immediately screams fake to us (they gotta release the darn thing sometime), but then again, it wouldn't be very difficult to mock up something like this in Photoshop, either. Real, fake, we surely can't tell -- but if Apple doesn't show us the goods sometime this week, they're gonna have some serious 'splaining to do to their legions of anxious fans and weary tech bloggers.

Update: Ah oui, comments on French site Mac4Ever confirm what most of you have already concluded, which is that this is no screencap but another Photoshop hoax.

[Thanks, Phlash65]