Where's the Xbox 360 HDMI cable?

There were two things that we thought would be a lock for Microsoft's Xbox 360 lineup last week at E3: their HD DVD drive (which they delivered on, insofar as a mockup can), and an accompanying HDMI cable for actually watching those movies without fear of the deadly image constraint token. We assumed the latter would actually make it to market first, being that there's already an obviously pent up demand for a 360 HDMI cable, but we thought wrong -- Microsoft announced no such thing. Then along comes Lik-Sang, claiming they've got the skinny on the "official" MS HDMI cable, which would also feature component HD, and Dolby 5.1. Now, what are the chances that this is actually the real deal and not just a product stub in anticipation of an accessory that may or may not yet actually exist? Probably pretty slim, but it is Lik-Sang, after all, and they've been known to raise a few eyebrows.

[Thanks, GhostDoggy]