Doesn't your iPod HI-Fi deserve a leather case, too?

As you may recall, when Apple launched the iPod HI-Fi a few months ago, the company also rolled out a couple of spiffy leather cases for the iPod nano and iPod with video. However, despite the momentous importance of the iPod Hi-Fi, the company neglected to provide it with a leather case of its own. That oversight has, fortunately, now been remedied by Japan's Focal Point Computer Corp. The company's iPod Hi-Fi case is made of Italian leather, has openings for the Hi-Fi's speakers and ports, and includes a shoulder strap so that the Hi-Fi can more easily achieve its destiny as a portable speaker system. The price: a mere ¥34,800 (about $300), which is surely a bargain, since this will protect your "audiophile" sound system from the vagaries of the elements. What's more, that price includes a matching leather case for your iPod remote, something for which Apple would easily charge an extra $99. We suspect that just about everyone who owns an iPod Hi-Fi will be rushing to Focal Point's web site to order one of these when they roll out in June. All five of you, that is.

Update: This case will also be available from Tunewear in the US for $295 as the "Concerto Bianco." No ship date has been announced. [Via iLounge]