Plantronic's Voyager 510-USB Bluetooth headset: a first for enterprise VoIP softphones

Yeah, we know life can be unfair. At home you're setup with a cordless phone and wireless laptop allowing you to roam about in full untethered data communication glory. Then you return to work only to be tethered to the cube, and more specifically, the corporate phone. Well, Plantronics may have a solution if your local IT drones are VoIP enlightened. See, Plantronics just announced their new Voyager 510-USB which they claim is the first system to bring Bluetooth connectivity to enterprise class VoIP softphones (read: not that clunky VoIP handset on your desk). As the name indicates, the 510-USB slug-on-ear headset also features a USB little-buddy for slottin' up to your laptop. What's unique here is the PerSonoCall software which allows the kit to integrate with Avaya, Cisco, Nortel and yes, Skype among other softphone software, to offer call notification and remote call answering/ending via the headset whether you're scooting about the airport, office, or home on your lappie. The headset will switch "seamlessly" between your VoIP softphone and cellphone and should give you about 100 hours standby or 6 hours talktime within the usual 10-meter radius of your PC. Not bad, eh? Now get on the horn with IT and pester 'em for a softphone solution until those pansies cave.