SPOT 2.0 watch in the works

Sure, you picked the ROKR E1 as the worst gadget of 2005, but the SPOT watch was certainly in the running. Even with lackluster sales, Microsoft will not be abandoning the platform, oh no. Instead, Bill "I'm a SPOT believer" Gates says Microsoft is working on the next revision. On top of owning-up to his curious choice in deities at the SharePoint Conference earlier this week, Sir Gates was also rather candid about first-gen SPOT limitations which included poor industrial design (too thick) and the choice of distribution channels as key reasons for the watches, uh hum, limited success. In the Q&A session following his presentation, Bill also stated that a "new generation" of SPOT watches is on the way featuring better ergonomic design, color screens, and "things." Not sure what things he might be alluding to, but take heed Bill 'cause Nokia is gunning to make watches, cameras, MP3 players, and video cameras obsolete with their cellphonesmultimediacomputers, so you'd better hurry up old boy -- times a'wastin.

[Thanks, Gary R.]