General Micro Systems' ruggedized P630 Spartan UMPC

With the "Origami lifestyle" being portrayed as so fun and carefree, we were surprised to see that UMPCs will also be tasked with the decidedly less fun-filled duty of helping soldiers locate and terminate their targets. The latest high-tech addition to the military's mobile arsenal is a pocketable 1.4GHz Pentium M-powered tablet from General Micro Systems known as the P630 Spartan, whose half-inch-thick ruggedized case houses 2GB of DDR SDRAM, a 30GB hard drive, 64MB of dedicated VRAM for OpenGL and Direct-X support, and an optional 16GB of bootable flash memory. You also get a CF slot, optional 802.11g or Bluetooth, USB and FireWire ports, and E-Purge hard drive self-destruct utility for your $3,400, although that price is for 100 of the devices, so we're not sure if they'll even be willing to sell just a couple to your militia group.