Right back at you: Apple sues Creative

Oh, this is going to get good. Turns out Apple sued Creative for patent infringement the very same day that Creative filed suit against Apple. We're guessing Apple had a suit waiting in the wings just in case Creative tried to pull something, because a Creative spokesman said that "Creative proactively held discussions with Apple in our efforts to explore amicable solutions," and that "at no time during these discussions or at any other time did Apple mention to us the patents it raised in its lawsuit." There's no word as to what the patents refer to, but it sounds like they cover stuff outside of the "Zen Patent" realm if Creative didn't know about them. This surprise attack is at least a minor win for Apple legal, but we're sure Creative's team won't go down without a fight, so grab the popcorn and prepare to enjoy the beauty of modern day patent law.

[Via iLounge]