Verizon: Motorola Q not launching next week

Now that Verizon has started boasting of its exclusive deal to sell the Motorola Q (at least until Sprint pumps out their version), what's VZW's next move? Why, to deny that the smartphone is coming out anytime soon, of course. According to Brighthand, a Verizon spokesman stated that the company does not have a "launch event scheduled for next week." Hey, we'll parse that one a bit. Maybe Verizon's shipping it without an "event." Or maybe the spokesman was out of the loop (wouldn't be the first time). Or, more likely, he was just doing his job, issuing a denial in an effort to maintain some sense of suspense, and the Q will indeed show up next week, with some kind of event. But just in case, don't start camping out in front of VZW stores just yet, m'kay?