Pimp My Heart, the HeartBeat Bass Booster

We're not even sure what could be said about this HBBB device. Basically the device monitors your heart beat, and then amplifies it for all the world to world to hear and see, hence the Pimp My Heart moniker. You just jack in the HBBB interface pendant to a laptop that controls the speed of the music, powers the under car LEDs, and even projects your most vital of vital signs onto your car's rear window -- all based on your heart beat. The HBBB had its first exhibition in March at the Carnegie Mellon university in a customized 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier, and we're sure it will go on to scare many an old lady and spark activist groups to decry the awful bass noises that will emanate from the cars of its users. For now we recommend peeping the "Listen to my Heartbeat" music video on the project site for a true feel of this product's potential.

[Via networked_performance]