Samsung launches first ACAP HDTV, the SVP-56K3HDB

We know what you're thinking: another Samsung HDTV, another HDTV technology standard, another day. But you might actually want to check out Samsung's 56-inch SVP-56K3HDB, the first production model featuring ACAP. For those who haven't previously heard anything about it, the Advanced Common Application Platform (ACAP) standard was developed with the intention of being the future universal standard for interactive television (and is already a part of the ATSC spec in the US). Oh, sure, iTV's been around in various incarnations since forever, but there's never been an internationally standardized internet-connected TV system based around the concept of moving apps and data to and from your set -- hence ACAP, which might enable newsfeeds, weather and traffic, as well as commercials linked to online merchants, and, of course, in depth sports stats, backgroun info, or interactive information about the program you're watching. We don't know much else about the plasma dusokay the ACAP system's powering in the SVP-56K3HDB, but we're a little more interested in the two way data right now, if you don't mind.