SmackBook and MacSaber -- best two reasons to buy a MacBook?

If you've already grown tired of impressing your friends and family with that iAlertU car alarm app for your MacBook or MacBook Pro, you might be interested in a couple new apps that should make you even prouder to be a MacBook owner. They're both based on the MacBook's sudden motion sensor, and both have the honorable distinction of not really doing much at all to improve your quality of life. The SmackBook, as demonstrated in the video, allows you to switch desktops by smacking the side of your precious MacBook. If you don't think that's enough potential endangerment of your MacBook, you might be interested in MacSaber, which makes light saber noises when you swing your computer around, and light saber clashes when you swing it really hard (peep the video by Metafilter founder Matthew Haughey). We just can't wait for reports to start flooding in of far flung laptops. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to head down to an Apple Store and try this stuff out.

[Thanks to everyone who sent these in]

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