Toshiba developing LCDs using field sequential tech

This one seems to have gone under our and most other people's rader, but Toshiba is trying to signficantly bump up LCD performance with a new 9-inch TFT that promises the world's highest level of transmittence, as well as wide viewing angles and high speed response. What makes this display unique is the combination of optically compensated bend (OCB) and field-sequential technologies. Unlike traditional LCDs, field sequential technology does not require color filters, which can absorb up to 70% of backlight brightness. It also doesn't subdivide each pixel like the color filter method does, resulting in three times the potential resolution of a traditional LCD. Better performance and higher resolution sounds good, but is brightness really a problem for LCDs? If our Dell widescreens were 70% brighter we think we'd probably all be suffering severely burnt retinas -- happily so.