Vaio UX reviewed

Even though Sony prematurely created -- then killed -- the UMPC market a couple years back with their U-series ultramobiles. Many seemed stoked to learn that they're back at their old tricks with their Vaio UX "Micro PC," and none too soon with competition from Samsung, TabletKiosk, and Asus. DWT got their hands on a UX and gave it a thorough once-over; seems like they were quite enamored by the 4.5-inch 1024 x 600 display (that sometimes requires use of zoom keys to actually read that tiny, tiny text), and the Japanese version's IC-card reader for SuiCa. Unfortunately the keyboard is supposedly quite terrible, with "almost no tactile feedback from key presses and typing is a real chore," and the battery life wasn't doing much more than 2 hours, dropping out at 1.5 hours under relatively heavy use. Basically it doesn't sound like they're recommending the UX all that much, but as with any Micro / ultramobile PC, if you really want to pony up the couple of grand to get one you've probably got a very decent reason why.