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Surveyor SRV-1 bot monitors your home on the cheap

If you have one of those floors that need very close monitoring throughout the day, the Surveyor SRV-1 is the robot for you. The little unit can crawl around your home at around one foot per second, and reports back on its surroundings with a miniature VGA camera. A 100 meter range Zigbee 802.15.4 wireless receiver is included to let the SRV-1 stream its findings to your computer and up onto the web, and you can control and monitor the bot with any major operating system or via a web browser. If you don't feel like taking manual control of SRV-1, he can do fine by himself driving around, navigating obstacles, and even communicating with others of his kind via IR. The best news is the price: at $375 for the bot, the charger and the wireless base station, SRV-1 shouldn't break the bank, and seems ready to provide some good times for the robot hobbyist within us all.