Fujitsu's Mag EraSURE P2V degausser wipes sensitive data

It's getting harder and harder to commit a successful white-collar crime these days, thanks to the ability of crafty law enforcement officials to recover all that incriminating data you supposedly wiped from your drives. Well Fujitsu feels your pain, and has just released a semi-affordable degausser called the Mag EraSURE P2V that lets you cover your digital tracks by exposing your drives to a powerful, bit-killing magnet. Actually this $13.000 version of the company's high-end EraSURE P2E is meant not for aiding criminal geniuses, but for enabling security-conscious firms to permanently remove data from hard drives, backup tapes, floppy disks, and the like. Plus, since Fujitsu only promises protection against commercial recovery methods, its probably still best to destroy drives used for illegal activities the old-fashioned way, by tossing them into a wood chipper.