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Airgo makes advances in WiFi-delivered IPTV

Airgo Networks seems to have made some significant advances in the delivery of IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) over WiFi, and has announced that Caton Overseas and STMicroelectronics will be using their technology in set-top boxes. According to Airgo, the company has further tweaked its MIMO technology (which is, of course, the same technological basis for the still-to-be-determined 802.11n standard) to better deliver wireless video around the house. Airgo's latest chips, called True MIMO Gen3, can apparently provide transmission speeds up to 240mbps throughout a 6,000 square foot home -- enough to handily transmit three HD channels -- under ideal conditions though, as it was tested in Airgo's model home. And we know our homes often ain't model when it comes to wireless transmission, now don't we?