AMD to buy ATI?

In keeping with our policy of only reporting the juiciest of rumors, we're passing along a prediction by analyst Apjit Walia that microprocessor giant AMD is poised to purchase graphics powerhouse ATI in a move that would surely shake up the PC industry. Walia, who does his analyzin' for RBC Capital Markets, based his conjecture on recent so-called "checks in the PC food chain," meaning that no real hard evidence exists proving that AMD is even considering such a move. Still, Forbes reminds us that both ATI and rival nVidia have long been rumored to be acquisition targets of one of the major processor manufacturers, and a merger with AMD could be leveraged to ATI's advantage in regaining dominance of the market for high-end gaming components. For now, though, you'd be wise to file this story strictly under "one guy's opinion," instead of running out, snatching up ATI stock, and driving up the price like Walia and his investors are probably hoping.

[Via PC Perspective, thanks Ryan]