Hitachi to bring out cheap 1080p LCDs before the holidays [Update]

1080p is all the rage these days. People want the high resolution in everything they can and just don't care if you really cannot tell the difference between 1080p and 720p at a small size. Well you know what. Hitachi is willing to oblige. They have plans to produce low cost 1080p "Ultravision" LCDs. Low cost and 1080p usually do not go well together but when a 1080p display is only $2200, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Hitachi has plans to have four models available starting at $2200 and going to the low $3000. The HLT79 series will see a 32-inch for $2200 and a 37-inch for $2700 while the higher end HLX99 Director's series will offer a 32-inch for $2500 and a 37-inch for $3000. The Director's series have the ability to be calibrated to a higher quality image by way of custom color temps. and an adjustable color decoder. These sets have a release date of November.

Update: Unfortunately these LCDs are not 1080p, but are in fact 720p, check here more information.